• Good.media

    Still using ordinary primitive
    systems of children’s Internet protection?

    Still lock your kids within a few
    permitted sites?

  • Good.media

    Do you want your kids to be able to visit any site, but see only the content contributing to their growth?

    Do you want your kids to lay eyes on developing information instead of negative content?

What do we offer?

Up-to-date and reliable Internet protection for children

Innovation technology that protects children and simultaneously contributes to their development

Harmful and hazardous content disappears from Internet pages

It is replaced by beautiful and developing images

How does it work?

All you need is just to download our plugin from Google Chrome or Opera official webstore, and that’s it!

The plugin immediately clears all webpages from the topics that could be harmful for children, such as depression, drugs, porno, and etc.

Instead of the hidden content only funny children’s drawing sand educative wise sayings will be displayed.

The hidden topics, as well as displayed pictures and quotes can be modified anytime in the settings.

  • This is how your child’s Internet looks now

    BBC website before our plugin installation

  • This is how your child’s Interment will look

    BBC website after our plugin installation with a war filter

Always up-to-date protection!

We do not use outdated authorized website technologies. All information in the child’s browser is assessed at the moment when it is displayed. Our protection is always up-to-date.

Protection plus education!

Your kids are not only protected, but also educated. They can visit any webpage, but instead of adult content they see funny pictures and wise sayings.


Our services are compatible with Google Chrome and Opera and can be installed on desktops, notebooks, netbooks, and MacBooks.

Educative Internet for Children!

Good.media for adults

For adults we are pleased to offer brand new and unique Adaptive Internet

How we check links

Here you can see how our service will check links in your browser. Enter into the field any link to a page with Russian or English text. Click "Check". You will see the text’s mood and interests, as well as the intended level of development. In addition, our service will clearly and in detail demonstrate how those parameters are obtained.

Quick installation

Easy setup

Automatic updates

Available for Google Chrome and Opera

Soon available for other popular browsers