• Good.media

    Still using ordinary primitive Internet?

    Still fighting your way through the jungles of negative content to find information your need?

  • Good.media

    Do you want paintings to be displayed instead of crimes and war?

    Do you want to decide for yourself what your brand new Adaptive Internet will look like?

Adaptive Internet

What is it?

This is the next generation Internet that displays only the content you like

It accurately clears pages from everything you would rather not to see, and fills that space with beauty

How does it work?

You install our plugin in your browser, and two buttons appear on your pages

You up-vote or down-vote pages depending on your preferences

Our service analyzes interests and modes of the pages you have voted

It remembers, stores, and then adapts page display in accordance with your choice:

  • hides texts with similar interests and modes, or
  • replaces them with paintings of great painters, nature images or other of your choice
  • This is how your Internet looks now

    CNN website before our plugin installation

  • This is how your Internet will look

    CNN website after our plugin installation with a war filter


Our services are compatible with Google Chrome and Opera and can be installed on desktops, notebooks, netbooks, and MacBooks.


You will find our services below. Select one of them. Click on "free" button and receive a link to this service in the official Google Chrome and Opera stores and an activation code.

A Brand New Adaptive Internet

My Internet

The service enables you to vote for webpages, and then it replaces uninteresting topics with beautiful pictures. This is a general-purpose product. It continuously adapts the Internet to your interests. At first, you vote for webpages by liking or disliking them with just one click. The service gradually accumulates such data, and then begins to replace objectionable information with beautiful pictures, and accentuate the topics that you like. You can also manually select the topics you would prefer to be hidden or replaced in the configuration settings at any time.

Female Internet

This product has already been configured to replace war scenes, violence, policy, and other unfeminine topics with beautiful artworks. If required, you can adapt configuration by voting or manual setting the same way as in the My Internet service.

Yoga Internet

Sunset, sea, snow-covered fields,and other illustrations calming your mind and contributing to meditation and self-development will appear onyour pages immediately after installation. All topics relating to alcohol, smokingor drugs will disappear. You will not see articles with rude, military, political, and other "nonZen" content. Further configuration by voting or manual settingis also possible for this service.

Good.media for children

Protect you kids from undesirable and harmful information together with Good.media

How we check links

Here you can see how our service will check links in your browser. Enter into the field any link to a page with Russian or English text. Click "Check". You will see the text’s mood and interests, as well as the intended level of development. In addition, our service will clearly and in detail demonstrate how those parameters are obtained.

Quick installation

Easy setup

Automatic updates

Available for Google Chrome and Opera

Soon available for other popular browsers